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ABOUT The Anthacite Region AACA

The Anthracite Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America started in 1965 when a small group of individuals attended an antique and classic car show in Wilkes-Barre and decided to form a chapter of the Wilkes Barre AACA Region. The original founders of the club were Jim Chernock, President; Jim Esposito, Vice President; and Carl Swinehart, Secretary-Treasurer.


The first car show was held at Angela Park in Drums Pa. in 1965 with 50 cars in attendance. The show stayed at that location for the next four years at which time it moved to the parking lot of the Prestolite plant in Hazleton Heights.


In 1985, the club attained the status to apply to the AACA for their own region. They were chartered as a full region of the AACA that year and became known as the Anthracite Region of the AACA. In the early 1990’s, the show was moved to the McAdoo Little League field to accommodate the increased amount of participants which attended the show. Through the cooperation of McAdoo Borough and McAdoo Little League officials, the show has become extremely successful at this location. The show regularly attracts 250 cars and over 1000 spectators. It is now held on the third Sunday in September.

The club is a family oriented organization that has over 30 full members in addition to spouses and children, all of who participate in club functions which include cruises, summer picnics, and the annual Christmas party.





Yearly Club Dues are $5.00 and must be paid by March 31. Yearly National AACA dues are $45.00 and must be paid by January 1. Payment of National dues includes a subscription to the bi-monthly magazine, “Antique Automobile”. Both of these dues payments include your spouse as a member of both our local club and the national organization. Club dues can be paid to the Treasurer at any meeting. You will receive an invoice of National dues owed on the cover sheet of the November/December Antique Automobile magazine. You must pay from this invoice.



The Anthracite Region of the AACA provides many benefits for their members in good standing. Registration for member’s cars is free at our annual Show. There is a party for members and workers following our annual show. We have an annual family picnic each August at Knoebel’s Grove. The event is catered and we supply ride tickets to members and their families. The annual Christmas Party is a great event with dinner, dancing, and refreshments. All of these benefits are provided at no charge to our members in good standing. The Club strives to maintain a ‘family atmosphere’ and involve all family members in Club activities.



The Club usually meets approximately 10 times per year. Club meetings are usually held on the last Friday or Saturday of the month, but we try and remain flexible with that. Meetings are normally scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. Each member will receive an e-mail prior to each month’s meeting. Since we lack a permanent meeting place, we depend on members allowing us to utilize their homes for our monthly meetings. The host provides food and beverages for all meeting attendees. Each person attending the meeting is requested to pay a $5.00 admission charge; $4.00 of that goes to the meeting host to help defray the meeting cost. (Please note that anyone hosting a meeting will be guaranteed a take of $100. to cover expenses……if less than 25 people attend the Club will make up the difference up to $100.) $1.00 is put toward a drawing and each person signing in is eligible to win. Please note that the hosting of a meeting is not a pre-requisite to being a Club member. The Club deeply appreciates those who open up their homes to us for our monthly meetings. During months that we have no volunteers to hold a meeting, we meet at the meeting room of The Strand, Blaine St. McAdoo.



The main event for our club is our annual Car Show. It is now held on the third Sunday in September and attracts upwards of 225 cars. Obviously, putting on a show of this magnitude is a massive undertaking. In order for us to successfully pull it off, we ask for the help of all members and their families for that day. Each member will be contacted and a work schedule discussed. Please be on time for your assignment. Prior to the show, there will also be work sessions held (envelope stuffing/field preparation); your participation in these endeavors is needed to make the show a success.



The other area in which the Club raises funds is by our annual Ad Book. The Ad Book is a great income producer and is a financial safety valve if we encounter rain on the day of the Show. We sell full ($50.00) and ½ ($25.00) page ads as well as solicit Trophy Sponsors ($50.00). 



The Club awards scholarships to members children as they graduate from High School. This is based upon service rendered to the club. We also donate funds to worthy charities as determined by the officers. In addition, we have earmarked specific charities to be the beneficiaries of income generated by some of our Cruise Nights.



Club Cruises are held periodically and will be announced by the Cruise Chairman. This is a great way to get out and show your car and have some fun with a great group of people. Having an antique auto is not a pre-requisite for attending a Cruise. Members also get together to attend other Car Shows and pass out flyers for our Show. This is an important facet of us having a successful show.



In order to be considered a member in good standing (and be eligible to receive all Club benefits listed above at no expense to the member), each member must do the following each year: 1). Secure three ads (or total $75.00) for the Ad Book, 2). Work the day of the Show, 3). Attend 50% of the monthly meetings unless excused (valid excuses are sickness and work).



As stated previously, we aim to maintain a “family atmosphere” in our Club and welcome involvement not only by members but also their spouses and children. Getting children involved helps pave the way for the perpetuation of this Club. With this being said, however, please note that having your family involved is not a criteria for membership. You may be called upon to volunteer for a committee and also note that elections are held each November. The Club is only as strong as it’s members. Try to get involved!


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